So you’ve had a long day at work and you can’t wait to get home.

You kick off your shoes right from the door and make a beeline for the couch, placing your legs on the centre table to give your feet some much-needed rest. Your heel and toes hurt, and your ankles are throbbing as if you have just twisted them even though you haven’t.

Some career paths, such as professional athletes, experience foot pain as a hazard of the job, but  you’re not an athlete and you don’t engage in any serious sporting activities, so why do your feet hurt so much when you get home from work every day?

Well, the simple answer is really the most obvious; your work. Here are three ways your job is causing your foot pain.

1. You stand for too long: Certain jobs come with the requirement to stand for a long time compared to others that require minimum standing. Supermarket attendants, chefs, and waiters at restaurants, teachers, and factory workers are all examples of some occupations that require long hours of continuous standing. Doing so while wearing uncomfortable or inappropriate shoes is the reason your feet feel so painful each day after work. If you’re working in a place where you are required to stand for a long period of time, invest in more supportive or comfortable footwear that protects your foot, with enough room at the toe box to accommodate the toes, with good heel and arch support and if possible, speak to your employers to provide alternative resting areas to allow you stretch and rest your feet at intervals.

2. Slippery floor surfaces: If the floors at your place of work are slippery or uneven, this could make walking and standing difficult which will put unnecessary strain on your feet. You should speak to your employers to provide appropriate work footwear and put proper flooring in place to prevent possible workplace foot and lower limb injury.

3. You’re wearing the wrong shoes: Sometimes the long-standing hours and floors at your workplace aren’t the problem, but the shoes. High heels are pretty and cute but not particularly comfortable for the feet. Invest in more appropriate shoes or bespoke footwear or orthotics that provide comfort while standing or walking.

If you constantly return home with pain in your feet, it is important to do something about it.

Change your shoes or speak to your employers about adjusting your work conditions to something that will give you the comfort you deserve at work. If none of that can be done, you will probably have to contact a podiatrist for a professional advise and support, or change job where possible to something that doesn’t put a lot of strain on your feet. Job hunting isn’t easy, but it’s much easier than struggling to take care of your health. Alternatively, you can also speak to a podiatrist for professional advice and support.

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