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Our friendly podiatrists go the extra lengths to hear your concerns.

Podiatry involves the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to the foot, ankle, lower limb and its associated structures. At Excellent Care 1st, we offer a comprehensive selection of podiatry services to treat all foot-related ailments, ankle and lower leg conditions and foot injuries resulting from accidents. We use the most up-to-date equipment and the best natural treatment and pain management techniques.

Our team of qualified and recognised Podiatrists are happy to hear from you, should you require a routine foot and nail care through to diabetic assessments, we can effectively diagnose, manage and treat a complete range of conditions as well as injuries.

Our friendly podiatrists go the extra lengths to hear your concerns, help you understand what your condition may be and tenderly explain to you the range of treatment options available to you. With bespoke attention and carefully selected treatment techniques for effective relief, we can sincerely help you find the root cause of any foot-related pain.

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Our Podiatrist Team

Esther Echegini,
Foot Health Specialist

About Esther

Esther moved to the United Kingdom in 2008 with her husband to start a family and study.  Esther is an independent Foot Health Specialist who specialises in helping people feel better about their feet and improve their mobility. She has been working to provide people with better foot health for nearly 10 years and has a deep sense of passion for the role. After studying at the University of East London on professional courses in Podiatry (Certificate in Podiatry); B.Sc. Hons Health Promotion; MSc. Public Health, she worked as a Foot Health practitioner with reputable foot care companies before deciding to venture on setting up a bespoke practice that is aimed at closing the gaps in the industry. 

Esther has a special interest in the care of paediatric conditions and treatment of sports injuries related to foot and lower limbs. She is qualified to use foot manipulation and mobilisation to improve foot problems.

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Somuz Miah,
Consultant Podiatrist

About Somuz

Somuz (BSC (PODM), CFPODM, MFPM RCPS(GLASG), MINSTCHP), has an extended-scope primary care practice in Birmingham and is also a member of the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons of Glasgow. He is a Podiatrist Independent Prescriber and has substantial experience in various pharmaceutical therapies, by injection, topical or oral routes for a variety of podiatric pathologies. He further has the knowledge and experience in podiatric minor surgery. He is an International lecturer on podiatric medicine as well as first aid instructor.

His passions for podiatry is exceedingly great and his unwavering reputation has earned him respect amongst peers in the practice as well as across other podiatry organisations. Over the last couple of years, Somuz has introduced and implemented several changes aimed at enhancing the podiatry profession and motivate other podiatrists to excel within the profession.

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