Regardless of the sport, most professional athletes spend considerable time on their feet.

First,they’ll spend hours training and then spend hours engaging in the sporting activity of choice. There are a couple of health implications that result from engaging in certain repeated sporting activities and even non-professional athletes experience it same as the professionals.

So here are a few foot care tips every professional athlete needs to pay attention to in order to stay healthy and happy.

1. Use appropriate footwear. This really goes without saying, but there’s a reason soccer cleats have spikes and basketball sneakers don’t. Every sporting footwear is made to protect the feet while playing a particular sport, so it is always important to wear the appropriate footwear for each sport.

2. Regularly change out of sweaty socks: Athlete’s foot isn’t just a common foot infection named after athletes, it’s named so because athletes feet are prone to get damp from sweating while engaging in sporting activities and the longer your feet stay wet, the more likely to attract fungal infections. So, make sure to change your socks at least twice per workout to prevent the possibility of getting an infection.

3. Always warm up or stretch first: You need to give your body time to adjust to a sporting activity, even if it is something you do every day. Warm ups and stretches are usually an underrated part of an exercise routine or sporting activity but are very essential. You should also not forget to stretch at the end of the activity as well.

4. Never push through the pain: Most athletes feel that pain goes in hand with engaging with certain sporting activities but the truth is it isn’t. Pain is the body’s way of telling you to slow down, so if you’re experiencing any pay in your ankles or feet, it’s always a good idea to take a break. If the pain is continuous, seek medical advice or treatment.

5. Schedule regular foot care and consultation: Your feet work hard for you most days of the week, one way to properly care for your feet is to schedule regular foot care and consultations with a podiatrist. A podiatrist is the best medical professional to consult on the proper care for all feet and ankle related ailments such as long toe nails that stand the risk of getting broken the wrong way which could eventually cause ingrown toe nails amongst other dangerous foot infections. They can also advice on various methods of pain relief that will work for your specific condition.

An athlete’s feet are quite literally one of the tools of their trade, so taking good care of it is not only logical but necessary.

Making sure to use the right footwear, frequently changing out of wet or damp socks, warming up or stretching before major sporting activities, being honest when going through any kind of foot pain and scheduling regular visits with your podiatrist for footwear and footcare consultations are some of the ways athletes can better care for their feet.

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